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The Virtual Lives & (Un)pleasant Times Of Some Pixel People

"HALP, PLZ! My Sims Are Too Stupid To Get Out Of A Pool Without A Ladder...."

Milla Harper (Sim)
15 October
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Supplement to britpoptarts's blog. Some of my non-Sims 2 interests are also here, but I probably will discuss them there. This is just for Sims 2-community-related information and Sims 2 pictures.

Why play The Sims 2? In addition to having the typical "god game" powers of being able to reward the worthy and smite the naughty, your Sims can interact with some of your real life heroes and heroines.

Here Sim Milla gets to hang out with Sim Neil Gaiman. How keen is that?

Note to readers: I am an adult, my virtual people in these images are adult characters, ergo there may be will be adult themes in these stories.

Also: If you don't know why you were added, it's probably because you seemed pretty cool and interesting (or you because you claimed that you also like The Sims 2). It's intended to be a compliment, but if it makes you itchy, you are obviously not as cool and interesting as I foolishly assumed you were (or you are no longer interested in Sims stuff), and it's absolutely okay to just ask (nicely, please!) and I'll "defriend" you as soon as I see your request (so there is no need for cranky dramatic "fuck you" comments or acting like someone ran over your dog).