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Maxwell MemeCat

Disinformation for Fun and Profit

Apparently TSR has been claiming that there have been changes to the EULA that support their money grubbing ways.

As it happens, they were blowing smoke.

HawkGirl did some sleuthing:

I just spoke to Alex over at EA [and] there are ZERO plans to change the EULA agreement for the Sims 2. The custom content manager has always had a different EULA than BS or Home Crafter, because (and he just said the same thing I have said all over the place) You cannot create CC with the content manager. They are not giving paysites licensing agreements (not Thomas or anyone else) and asked where I heard this from. I told him it's obviously Thomas telling people he's in some deal with EA. He said, "NO, we are not in any deal with TSR, nor [with] any other paysite".

So now, please, I encourage everyone to call and ask to speak to Legal. The changes (
for how CC will be handled) have already been implemented in Spore and the Sims 3. So you can't cause any harm there. It's the lies that are circulating now that are "P"ing me off.

Want to see what Will Wright really thinks about paysites? Go to a Spore show and see how CC will be handled for it, how he's ensuring that CC remains free for his whole community. Then ask him why.

Curious? Call and ask if there are plans to change the EULA to support paysites.
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and just ask to speak to Legal or someone in the legal department.

So there you have it. TSR has been caught telling a big, fat lie. What a shocker. *clutch the pearls* Why, I never!

In other news, Squinge from Insiminator (and other fora) has gotten sick of community drama and bunked off. You can get his hacks and mods from Sims File Vault or from my file respository (http://britpoptarts.4shared.com), and, as always, they are available for free.

Squinge will be missed, and we hope his departure is not permanent.


Oh thank god! I was worried there for a bit. I'm not surprised TSR would lie, though. I'm glad HawkGirl contacted EA legal and they cleared it up.

Thanks for posting!
From what I gather, TSR tends to be made of lose and fail anyway, so their little lie is par for the course.

Also, why are the Squinge hacks listed as "illegal" on your 4shared page? O_o

Must be another 4shared automatic ban on the word "HACK"--went through this with Jarvis COCKer already.

Or someone bitched. Either/or.

Will change the name of the file and see what happens.

How silly. Didn't he say we could share?
That was indeed the problem. 4shared thinks "HACK" means an OMFG, "hack into someone's computer" HACK, not an OMFG, "Kewl Mod For Game" HACK.

Stupid 4shared and their unintelligent filters.

Try again. I re-upped with a less filter-provoking filename.
w00t, cool beans. XD

Re: Great stuff!

I may be wrong, but my understanding is that the Maxoids still handle BBS stuff, and site listings. MTS2 got removed because someone complained that there were adult mods. Even after they moved those mods elsewhere, the removal stuck.

Thanks for the compliment! I don't get much free time to play these days, but plan to post some snaps of the newest additions to the 'hood today: the Rocker family.

Thank you

Thanks for posting this. The depths TSR will sink to... I hate them


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